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How to Acquire Your Puppy or Dog

When you decide to acquire your puppy or dog, you have the option of purchasing a purebred dog from a breeder or adopting your pet at a shelter or from a rescue group.

Groups that rescue dogs and animal shelters have common goals. They want to place these animals in loving homes. Many of these groups rely on volunteers and donations to take care of these pets until they find a home.

When looking at puppies and adult dogs at a rescue shelter or locally run animal shelter, be aware that these animals have had a hard life. Many have been abused by their owners. Sometimes you will find a litter of puppies that have been given to the shelter because the family has not been able to place them.

A benefit of adopting a pet is that the group screens the animals before putting them up for adoption. But, they also screen potential owners. You will be asked to sign a contract saying that you agree to care for the pet long term. You will also be asked questions about your home, your children, and any other pets you may have. This is to help ensure that you and the dog are a match for each other. The group will also let Dogyou know if the dog has any health problems.

If you decide to purchase a purebred from a breeder, you will gain a lot of knowledge about the particular breed of dog. They can tell you about potential problems with the particular breed of dog. But, also be aware that they are in business. A little independent research of the breed will enable you to ask more specific questions and understand the breed better.

Research breeders for the particular type of dog you are looking for. The American Kennel Club lists breeders across the country. A good breeder makes sure that a vet examines the litter and does preventative medical examinations.

For more information on the various breeds of dog, you can search the Internet or check the AKC Breed List by Name.

It is important that before you purchase or adopt your dog, you understand what is involved in caring for your new family member and if you are a match for each other.

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