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How to Choose a Puppy or Dog That Is Right for You?

Most of the time we feel we know the type of pet we want: fish, bird, cat, or dog. But before we go out and acquire the pet and the equipment needed for care, we should do a bit of research to determine just what it means to have that pet. You will want to study the various aspects of each breed to make sure it fits your family, your lifestyle, your personality, and your home.

Some pets need more care than others. Looking for unconditional love? Dogs need more care than some pets. They are sensitive to their owners. When left alone all day, dogs can become bored. This boredom may lead them to rip up the sofa. They can also become bored with their toys when the owner is at home. Dogs generally require human interaction. They need to be exercised and they need playtime with their owners.

There are basic considerations when selecting a dog as a pet. You have to decide if you are going to acquire a puppy or an adult dog. Each has basic needs such as proper diet, grooming, and health care. But there is a difference in the needs of a puppy and an adult dog. When you acquire an adult dog, they are usually house trained but there is the possibility that there may be behavioral problems. Puppies are in the early-learning stages of their life and are impressionable, but there are distinct personalities within a litter.

You should also consider whether the dog will be male or female. There are differences in behavior between the sexes. Males tend to be more active, want to dominate their owners, and will defend their territory. Females are easier to train but may demand more affection.

What size of dog will fit your needs for a pet? Small dogs are ideal for apartments and homes with limited space. They do need daily exercise and play time with their owners. Large dogs need more space. They are more of a deterrent if someone tries to break into your home.

When you look at the size of the dog you may want, you should also look at the coat of the breed. Most breeds shed and this is a big factor if you keep a neat and tidy house and if you have allergies. Also consider the seasons and area where you live. Some dogs are more suited to warm climates than cold ones. This determines the amount of grooming that needs to be done based on the density of the dog’s coat and also how insulated the dog is when it has a smooth coat.

You have to decide to if you are going to purchase a purebred dog from a breeder or adopt one from a shelter. Many people will applaud you if you adopt a dog from a shelter. The choice, however, is yours. Purebred dogs inherit the diseases and conditions of the breed. Cross-bred dogs may not have as many health problems.

Although dogs are high maintenance pets and require training, they are also one of the best pets to own. In return for unconditional love, they can alert you to danger and they ask only for proper care and attention. If you can not be home with your pet all day, you should make sure they have adequate room to run and play and a roof over their head in inclement weather.

Research your options before you choose. Pet care is a most important factor when deciding on the right pet for you and your home.

*The cute little guy in the header is Cornelius, a chocolate purebred Toy Poodle.*

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